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ExpatFlex – The Wheat And The Chaff

Well-educated talent is still highly in demand. The question is: How do you properly handle the administrative and legal aspects of hiring expats?

From immigration laws to the Aliens Employment Act: those wishing to become recognized sponsors need to be aware of a wealth of regulations and obligations. Therefore, companies offering expat payroll services (umbrella services) should be able to provide them with proper advice and guidance.

Do you wish to hire highly skilled migrants? Then you’ll need to separate the wheat from the chaff. For years, we have provided companies with guidance, unburdening them and helping them grow. We understand that labor law obligations pose too much of a hassle for them. Therefore, we take proper care of these, allowing you to fully commit to your main goals: doing business and attracting customers.

We have immigration, employment and international tax advisors in house, who constantly provide advice and intervene when necessary. As a result, we can ensure compliance, take away the hassle, and help our clients focus on their core activities. Additionally, we keep our rates transparent, so you always know where you stand.

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Our company’s success is built on our clients’ trust in the top-notch quality that we deliver, which includes our ability to apply a high level of protection and security when it comes to our clients and employees’ personal data. We collaborate closely with experts on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Therefore, we can ensure that all data is managed and kept secure in accordance with it.


The Aliens Employment Act contains a principle of ultimate liability, which means that each party in the chain of employment is liable and may receive a fine. One illegal employee can therefore lead to multiple fines – even if you, as an employer, are unaware of the illegality.

ExpatFlex works closely with experienced immigration lawyers in the Netherlands, which allows us to minimize risks on fines as well as reputational risks. Providing the smartest expat services (umbrella services), we are fully committed to your success.


Having read the above conditions, you may see that you are eligible for the 30 percent ruling, but what does it actually mean? The salary you agreed on will be reduced by a maximum of 30 percent. In return you will receive this percentage as a reimbursement for expenses. This is the most common way as it does not influence the salary burden for the employer. However, the employer is not obliged to pass on the advantage of the 30 percent rule to the employee. In practice it is possible for the employer to partially or fully take the benefit.